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Parents Against Racism Simcoe is founded on the principles of anti-oppression(AO), anti-racism (AR)and anti-Black racism(ABR); with these frameworks in mind we advocate and advise on equity matters for our racialized children.


PARSC are members within Simcoe County that are:

-Predominantly parents/caregivers of racialized children 

-Currently meeting on a monthly basis

-Providing support, resources and education to parents


We are collectively, the parents of racialized children that are receiving their education throughout Simcoe County.  Through interactions and common stories shared among parents of racialized children, we have shared experiences similar to what has been reported in The Ontario Safe Schools Act: School discipline and discrimination | Ontario Human Rights Commission (  We have unique issues as our Black and racialized communities are not concentrated in one area, but spread throughout a large area further isolating us from each other. We lack representation at all levels in the school system therefore our thoughts, concerns, experiences and knowledge is not considered when decisions are that impact our children.

Our Vision

The Vision of Parents Against Racism Simcoe County is to effectively engage education leaders and develop frameworks that focus on dismantling white supremacy, in order to create an equitable educational experience for our children that is free from oppression and promotes the values anti-racism and anti-hate for our children in Simcoe County.


We will accomplish this by but not limited to, the following: 


-Advise on strategies and recommendations 

-Review current practices and identify issues 

-Follow up on progress to ensure accountability

-Inform the community of concerns

-Calls to Action

-Participate in school board delegations 


Natasha founded this group after her child experienced an incident of anti-Black racism at school. Sadly this was not the first incident, although it would be the last incident of racism Natasha would be silent about. Activist. Community Organizer. Advocate. Mom. Champion. She is fierce and does not back down when working to dismantle white supremacy in the education system.

Vanessa at rally

Valerie Gooden is the mother of 2 amazing children that is determined to ensure that her children and others feel safe and are protected by the adults that we entrust to educate and provide care to our children.

Valerie graduated with a Master in Social Work from the University of Windsor and come with 20 plus years of experience working in various settings including Child Welfare and the School Board. Valerie focuses her work towards advocacy and equitable outcomes for the families that she works with.

SarahP (2)

Sarah Peart (she/her) is a wife and mother of 5 in a blended, biracial and multicultural family! Her children rang in age from 19-1 years old.  Professionally Sarah has 20 years of experience in telecommunications management where she has worn many hats from leader/ motivator of large teams to strategic planner and protect manager. Currently Sarah is employed at “ The Source” where she is currently a district sales manager by title.  Her personal aspirations are to further expand her real estate investment portfolio along side her husband while improving her local communities awareness and progress in diversity and inclusion for all marginalized groups with a heightened focus on Anti- Black racism.  

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Community Resources

  1. Parents Against Racism Simcoe will be a formalized committee that will meet with SCDSB on a monthly basis minimally and would like to be invited to all meetings that affect decision making that will impact Black and Black biracial and racialized children in SCDSB.
  2. Two positions will be designated for Black parents/caregivers on PIC (Parent Involvement Committee) to begin in September 2021
  3. Review other SCDSB committees and councils to ensure there is representation and designated seats
  4. Anti-Black racism (ABR) strategy with accountability measures.
  5. Anti-Black racism (AR) and anti-oppression (AO) policy.
  6. Multiple and ongoing educational sessions (Professional Development) for all SCDSB employees on how to decolonize education, view curriculum with an anti-Black racism, anti-racism and anti-oppressive framework, culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy with accountability measures.
  7. With ABR/AR/AO/ framework, mental health support for Black and racialized students that are culturally appropriate
  8. N-word policy
  9. Support of Graduation Coaches to start in grade 6
  10. Graduation Coaches for all secondary schools and support feeder schools
  11. SCDSB to provide funding for a Black led organization for a Black System Navigator such as Parents of Black Children
  12. Remove Police from schools and any police inclusion, should be overseen before materials are shared with our students. Programs/presentations need to be culturally relevant.
  13. Create an Equity Department with the focus on ABR/AR/AO; department with experts (not teachers or principals) in the field and lived experienced from the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour
  14. Collect adequate race-based data collection supported by ABR/AR/AO research expertise organization. This will aide in accountability and determine the needs specific to SCDSB regarding ABR/AR/AO.
  15. Develop a formalized process and procedure to report racism in schools and response to racism; reported racism is currently being handled at the discretion of the principal and/or superintendent. There needs to be a proper process, similar to a Respectful Workplace Investigation based on an ABR policy, this process and policy needs to be developed and overseen by an appropriate person in Human Resource Department, along with a properly trained expert from outside of the board, as to remain unbiased.
  16. Immediate and ongoing equity audits with an AR/ABR/AO framework to be completed immediately. These audits should include things such as but not limited to: Social Media Posts (culturally appropriate and relevant), teaching resources (i.e., textbooks, outside materials from outside sources)
  17. Ongoing (multiple times within the school year) AR/ABR/AO educational sessions for all Board employees and committees/councils.
  18. Accountability measures to track sessions, determine impact and change within the system
  19. Targeting hiring of Black and diversified employees in all positions.
  20. Support for Black and racialized staff.
  21. Race based data on retention of employees
  1. Reform the Education Act
  2. Decolonize the Curriculum
  3. Implement Graduation Coaches
  4. Conduct Equity Audits for School Boards
  5. Replace Police with Mental Health Workers
  6. Develop and Mandate AR/ABR/AO Training
  7. Collect Race-Based Achievement and Discipline Data
  8. Provide Funding for System Navigators
  9. Hold Teachers/Staff Accountable
  10. Hire Staff from within Equity-Seeking Groups

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