Call to Action: Email Trustees and the Director of Education

Call to Action: Email Trustees and the Director of Education

On October 26th, 2022 a member of PARSC made a delegation to the Simcoe County District School Board with a demand to end harmful spirit days within our schools.  This request was ignored and we need your support.

Please complete and submit the form below to send a clear message to the board that we must be heard.

Dear SCDSB Trustees and Director Dance,

I am writing you in support of Parents Against Racism Simcoe County (PARSC) Delegation on October 26th, 2022 to the Simcoe County District School Board Trustees. This delegation brought forward concerns with multiple harmful spirit days that SCDSB continue to celebrate. Despite multiple community members advocating for over 6 years to have “Crazy Hair Day” removed, it continues to occur as recent as this school year.

SCDSB has carried out many harmful spirit days, some examples include:

· Meatless Monday

· Fake An Injury Day

· Twin Day

· Tiara Day

· Royals Day

· Dress Like Anything That Ends Up In The ER Day

· Dress Like Your Favourite Christmas Carol or Movie

· Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

SCDSB Trustees and Director John Dance denied the requests and recommendations of PARSC to ensure harmful spirit days do not continue. Instead, both SCDSB Trustees and Director John Dance opted to continue with the current practice and therefore upholding systemic practices that are harmful to Indigenous, Black, racialized and students of various faiths.

SCDSB promotes “safe schools”, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is one of SCDSB strategic priorities. It is time that this becomes a reality and SCDSB trustees implements the following PARSC recommendations:

1. A set list of community approved (feedback and input from various community members) spirit days be sent to every member of administration and be publicly shared.

2. Development of policy to ensure that all violations are handled appropriately, and it is shared publicly.

3. Violations of the policy are shared publicly with the community.

Given your commitment to safe schools for all students, we request that you reconsider and support PARSC recommendations creating a safer and more inclusive schools for all students.

By Natasha Shakespeare

Activist. Community Organizer. Advocate. Mom. Champion.


  1. Please be more sensitive and care about every person’s heart and beliefs and eliminate days and events that are harmful.

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