Report Launch

The Data Is In… The survey is closed and the data is in.  Please join us on June 16th at 1:30pm in Barrie to participate in the sharing of the survey results.    We would like to thank every student and parent who participated.  Thank you to Shak’s World for hosting this important event. We… Continue reading Report Launch

Black History Month Virtual Kick-off

Simcoe County organizations are kicking-off Black History Month with a virtual celebration of Black history, art, music, and culture.  LINK TO SIGN Up: All are welcome to virtually attend the Simcoe County Black History Month Kick-Off Celebration on Friday, February 4, 2022 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  Community organizations Rise Up BWG, UPlift Black, Making Change, Parents… Continue reading Black History Month Virtual Kick-off

Aya Warrior Group

Thank you ASE for sharing this opportunity with Parents Against Racism Simcoe County.  We recognize the diverse intersectional experiences of our community.   ASE Community Foundation, for Black Canadians with Disabilities We are a “Wayfinding” Organization focused on: Black Canadians with Disabilities & the communities that serve them.  We aim to work with partners, researchers, and individuals… Continue reading Aya Warrior Group

I Have No Choice But To Fight

What can I say? I cannot grasp that this is my life right now. At times, it feels like it can’t be real. But it is real. It is very real. I go through every emotion, every day. But regardless I have no choice but to fight. Fight for justice. Fight for accountability. Fight for… Continue reading I Have No Choice But To Fight

T-Shirts for the March August 7th

Join us in Toronto… Parents of Black Children and ANCHOR have organized the second March for Black Students on August 7th.  Parents Against Racism Simcoe County will be support the event and we want you to attend. Order your T-Shirt by July 23rd at 4pm by completing the form below! T-Shirts will be available for… Continue reading T-Shirts for the March August 7th