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Demand #1

PARSC Demand

We are so proud to announce that SCDSB has committed to meeting with the PARSC executive each month and with parents of BIPOC students twice annually. 

This is a win!

There is still so much to achieve in terms of the first demand.

SCDSB is developing an Equity Advisory Commitment, not sure on when it will begin-this too should have designated seats to ensure representation amongst various equity deserving groups.


Although the public is invited to watch board meetings, we are not included in the decision process or given a voice. 

The student census was completed, with only about 50% of students completing, but was not offered in other languages, and was not created with an anti-oppressive lens i.e. when asked to list specifically ethnic background, few drop boxes for Black/African descent vs White/European options.

How can this data be used with such a large portion missing, if our group was involved we could reach our community to have them participate and worked to ensure the survey was equitable to begin with.

Please complete the form below to let SCDSB know that you want Parents Against Racism Simcoe County invited to be part of the decision making that impacts BIPOC.

By submitting the form below, you will be sharing your support of our demands to all school board trustees as well as John Dance (Director of Education),  Dawn Stephens (Associate Director of Education), Matt Webb (DEI Principal) and Dean Maltby  (DEI Superintendent).

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  1. I live in Quebec. What goes on in the rest of the country impacts everyone. Plenty of rotten racism in this province. Addressing racism on one place will have good influence elsewhere.

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