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I Have No Choice But To Fight

What can I say?


I cannot grasp that this is my life right now.


At times, it feels like it can’t be real. But it is real. It is very real. I go through every emotion, every day. But regardless I have no choice but to fight. Fight for justice. Fight for accountability. Fight for my child’s education. Fight for her safety. Fight for other children. Fight for other families. I have no choice but to fight because if I don’t nothing will change.


I am grateful for all the emails and texts of support. They do encourage me to keep going. But what I need is people to show up. Literally. Show up to the rally on November 12 at 2pm, Meridian Place in Barrie. We need our community to be present and stand in solidarity against racism in our schools.


Remember George Floyd? When you show up, it gives a message. And we need to send a very clear message. We need change and we need it now.

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