Not for a Lack of Experiences

Neurologist using hammer to make a reflex test

It took some time to figure out what to write about next and it was not for a lack of experiences…sadly.


I may get some strong opinions on this one, but it has been on my mind since it happened. When I took one of my children to get their Covid-19 Vaccine, the nurse told us that people with darker skin, have tougher skin requiring more force when giving a needle. SMH…how the hell does a nurse believe that?


Another scarier thought, what other myths do they believe about Black folk? Do they think Black women are more fertile, do they think Black folk have a stronger pain tolerance or that Black folk lie about their symptoms? All are myths. Also mind boggling, the nurse told my child this nonsense after I shared that my child was nervous to get a needle. Who in their right mind, tells a patient, hey you have thicker skin and I am going to have to push harder as a calming strategy??


It worries me to think this person treats people medically with such false thoughts, this is how racism manifests in healthcare. This nurse acts out on their racial bias and viola, mistreatment or maltreatment of Black folk. A letter has been written and these concerns brought forward. But really I just wish I did not continuously have these experiences or have to continually be educating people that should know better. 


And for those who are anti-Covid vaccine, that’s cool. I respect people’s decisions, whatever it may be. Just don’t stand in front of a hospital to share that opinion.

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By Natasha Shakespeare

Activist. Community Organizer. Advocate. Mom. Champion.