Report Launch

The Data Is In… The survey is closed and the data is in.  Please join us on June 16th at 1:30pm in Barrie to participate in the sharing of the survey results.    We would like to thank every student and parent who participated.  Thank you to Shak’s World for hosting this important event. We… Continue reading Report Launch

Launch: Facts 4 Impact Survey

We are so excited to launch our collaboration with Urban Alliance on Race Relations and Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators.   Facts 4 Impact is an initiative to collect much needed data exploring the experiences of parents and students at school in Simcoe County.  We are calling on every parent and student to complete our… Continue reading Launch: Facts 4 Impact Survey

Black History Month Virtual Kick-off

Simcoe County organizations are kicking-off Black History Month with a virtual celebration of Black history, art, music, and culture.  LINK TO SIGN Up: All are welcome to virtually attend the Simcoe County Black History Month Kick-Off Celebration on Friday, February 4, 2022 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  Community organizations Rise Up BWG, UPlift Black, Making Change, Parents… Continue reading Black History Month Virtual Kick-off

Media Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thin Blue Line School Suspension Spurs Protest   On last week, a student attending Bradford District High School was suspended for refusing to remove a Thin Blue Line flag, an offensive hate symbol from his vehicle. In response to the school’s actions, a “protest” is being organized in retaliation on November 23.  … Continue reading Media Release

The Coalition

We are a coalition of parents, residents and others concerned about racism in Simcoe County schools. It has come to our attention that last week, a student attending Bradford District High School was suspended for defying school authority, by refusing to remove a Thin Blue Line Flag from his vehicle. We appreciate and support the recognition… Continue reading The Coalition

Aya Warrior Group

Thank you ASE for sharing this opportunity with Parents Against Racism Simcoe County.  We recognize the diverse intersectional experiences of our community.   ASE Community Foundation, for Black Canadians with Disabilities We are a “Wayfinding” Organization focused on: Black Canadians with Disabilities & the communities that serve them.  We aim to work with partners, researchers, and individuals… Continue reading Aya Warrior Group

Safety In Schools

In schools across Simcoe County, there are mounting reports of hatred and violence regarding gender, race, anti-black racism, homophobia and more, with little or no accountability from the school boards within  Simcoe County or the schools where incidents took place. It has become clear that our youth are in danger at the very institutions we… Continue reading Safety In Schools

I Have No Choice But To Fight

What can I say? I cannot grasp that this is my life right now. At times, it feels like it can’t be real. But it is real. It is very real. I go through every emotion, every day. But regardless I have no choice but to fight. Fight for justice. Fight for accountability. Fight for… Continue reading I Have No Choice But To Fight

Demand #1

We are so proud to announce that SCDSB has committed to meeting with the PARSC executive each month and with parents of BIPOC students twice annually.  This is a win! There is still so much to achieve in terms of the first demand. SCDSB is developing an Equity Advisory Commitment, not sure on when it… Continue reading Demand #1

Happy Birthday?

I have known for months I wanted to write a blog but have been stuck on how to start…